Sunday, February 10, 2013

Alexander McQueen blush lace shift

Back in June of 2012 the Duchess donned a lace sheath for some final Jubilee festivities.
This one features nude/blush lace with a white underlay.  The long sleeved sheath is finished with a ribbon waist and KMidd accessorized with a Jane Taylor fascinator, Prada clutch, and her signature L.K. Bennett Sledge pumps in nude.
I mean the outfit is okay, its pretty, but its a snore.  The lace and the color is nice and the dress itself is modest.  

I also happen to like Kate in fuller skirts because I feel it balances her long shoulder line and  straight hips better; if you're on the thin side like Kate a little optical illusion goes a long way in adding shape to your silhouette.  I also think high waists just further elongate her already long torso and think this might have worked better with no waist detail or something that sits just a bit lower.
I take issue again with the construction of this McQueen creation, namely that such such a slim pencil skirt as this has no slit or even a kick pleat to make walking easier.  Unless you are dealing with stretchy fabric that has some give, you have to compensate such a narrow skirt with some sort of slit to make walking easier; otherwise the wearer has to compensate in some way by either taking very short steps or angling the lower torso.  In the stair picture it looks like Kate had to compensate by angling her hip to be able to take a stair.  Miss Burton really ought to do better, both for Kate's ease of comfort and her own brand's sake.
I also take a bit of issue with that ribbon waist; if you look closely there is a part that was added to the back and I just think that's a bit messy.

I found was this Eliza J dress, very similar in that it has an almost identical neckline, silhouette, waist, and nude lace/white underlay construction.  The glaring difference is the sleeve length and of course the lace pattern - KMidd's has a bit of a scallop hem finish.
Boy Eliza J has really jumped on the Kate Replicas haven't they?

Another look-a-like is this Dorothy Perkins lace dress in pale pink.  This one is also similar in construction as Kate's with lace overlay and white lining and in a pencil silhouette; it also makes an effort of mimicking the original's scalloped hem.  This version also has 3/4 length sleeves.

Credits: Dorothy Perkins pink lace dress, $59.

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