Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kate Inspired by... Yellow Shirt Dresses

Hello to anyone out there, just wanted to let you know progress here has been slow I know and I am sorry about that.  I don't have any intention just yet to let this blog go completely but I still am planning some changes.  In the mean time let's continue on to the fashion!

The Duchess seems to like yellow shirt dresses for those famous worldwide traveling tours.  Yellow, according to Color Wheel Pro, is a color that promotes cheerfulness, energy, spontaneity, and attracts attention.  Fitting for Kate then as it seems she very much enjoys attention.

First was this pale yellow Jenny Packham for the Cambridge's Canada tour of 2011 with short sleeves, collar, high waist, and A-line silhouette.
My first post on it was here.  In a nutshell, I was not too big a fan of this dress.  I found it a bit boring, the color not very interesting, and the thin, silky skirt inappropriate for the windy setting since it provided various uncomfortable oops moments for Kate.  I think she would have preferred being able to concentrate on the day's events instead of constantly being worried about her skirt (and her hair) flying everywhere.

Via DM.

For the Asia tour of 2012 Kate wore this bright yellow dress by Jaeger with gathered cap sleeves, collar, drop waist pleated skirt, and self belt.  The material on this dress looks to be a fresh cotton or a cotton blend, which helps hold those stiff pleats and collar.
I was a big fan of this dress, both for the bolder color and the cut.  I also think Kate looks best in fuller silhouettes like this pleated skirt and the fabric and style was a good choice for the tropical Asia climate.  I think a pony tail might have kept her cooler but overall the modified shirt dress style was great for the setting.
The first repliKate is this shirt dress by thie Limited with button placket, bodice pockets, and gathered skirt.  This is a little bit of the Jenny Packham dress shape with the bolder almost acid yellow of the Jaeger dress.

The Limited short sleeve shirt dress yellow.

This Eshakti dress is in poplin cotton with a shorter bodice and button line, cap sleeves, slightly high waist, and pleated skirt.  This is a good look-a-like of the Jaeger dress right down to the slightly similar pleated skirt and capped sleeves.

Eshakti retro poplin dress in yellow ochre.


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