Monday, August 6, 2012

Welcome to My Repli-Kate!

First off, the purpose of My Repli-Kate is very simple.
I, like many women, admire some of the styles and pieces of "Kate Middleton" a.k.a. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.
Her style has been described as boring, uninteresting, dated, and subpar by some and fantastically perfect and immaculate by others.
I would say I'm in neither camp.  I find her to favor key basics and classic, timeless styles which is appealing.  However I not think every piece and outfit of hers hits it out of the ballpark each time either and when I don't like something on her I will say so.
I should note however that while its find to admire and want to imitate a person's style, emphasis should be first and foremost what is best for each individual's body type and personal tastes.  This of course extends to repli-Kates, and anything copied in style should first and foremost suit the person who will be wearing it.
Also, just because I like some of Kate's key elements of style certainly doesn't mean I want to copy everything and be her.

So what is the purpose of this blog?
It is not to find out the exact brand and piece of clothing Kate wore.  There are other blogs and on-line columns dedicated solely to that, blogs which at times I refer to myself to find out more information and details about the originals.
I just take that information that is already out there in pictures and information and find less expensive look-a-likes, just for fun.  By nature I am a bit visually obsessive and find it entertaining when I see repetitive themes in the clothing and fashion industry.

Since I do not have a Duchess' expense account, I happily settle for repli-Kates, or look a likes of Kate's pieces but most assuredly at commoner price points.  And this blog reflects just that.

Naturally I will likely research the pieces that most appeal to me personally but feel free to send in queries, requests, and links to your own finds to MyRepliKate(at)gmail(dot)com.

Disclaimer: In using the term "repli-Kate" I am in NO way claiming any ownership or origination of it; its just a fun term I've seen from a multitude of sources.

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