Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kate-Inspired By... graphic lace dress + blazer

For a December 2011 concert Catherine wore a Zara black lace Zara dress.  She accessorized the cream with black lace dress with lots of black-on-black, including her black Ralph Lauren cropped blazer, which we've seen before.

Eliza J, ever the Kate fashion watchers, has a  similarly styled outfit via Nordstrom.  The item listed is actually just the black jacket, which I don't even think is that similar to Kate's, and unfortunately there is no listed information on the dress.
But the styling sure is interesting and definitely very Kate Inspired.
The blazer retails for approximately $78, U.S.

Eliza J via Nordstrom - ruched sleeve blazer.
I did manage to find a dress that was similar to Kate's lace-patterned dress in this form of this long sleeved number.  Just add a blazer and the look is complete.
This dress retails for approximately $99, U.S.

Lovemarks via Dillards - floral print lace dress.

Just in case thigh high hemlines aren't your thing, you can even find a more appropriate for every day longer length like this Jessica Howard combo.  The black and white paisley print mimic the lace pattern of Kate's though this one is much more graphic.  And of course a black topper completes it.
This look retails for approximately $90, U.S.

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