Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Alexander McQueen military coat

Just a quick note to say that I apologize if most of these have been Kate's older outfits from earlier in the year and last year, instead of the latest Olympic looks.  I am working on it and I'll admit its easier to work on the outfits that appeal the most to me than the ones I don't really like that much.  However the Duke and Duchess' have their Asia tour coming up and in the meanwhile I have plenty to work on!

At an Irish Guard Parade Kate was feeling the military vibe.  (She's done military style before.)
She wore another Alexander McQueen coat in navy with double row gold buttons and a shamrock brooch on her lapel.  It appears that this was a custom piece since there were no identical pieces in any McQueen collection.

The closest thing I found to Kate's coat (for reference purposes) was this Alexander McQueen coat, that retails for ≈ $2395 U.S. and as low as $958.  It has similar double row of gold buttons, long length, and epaulette detail.  (Epaulettes BTW are those shoulder strap details fasted by buttons.)
The neckline is round, varying from Kate's raised collar neckline and a high-low hemline in contrast to Kate's one length.

Its hard to tell if Kate's is a true coat or just a coat dress style as it doesn't look to be as heavy as a true coat and the sleeves look a bit scrunched up to 3/4/ length.  All the better to show off the rock, no?  We will stick to finding true coats with long sleeves.
And as long as you are not too picky on the exactness of the details, finding a double breasted military style coat can be a relatively easy endeavor.  Navy like Kate's might be a bit of a reach but perfectly within our limits is a dark (black) shade with gold buttons.  A dress length like the original will also be a bit challenging but should be a minor flexible detail, as are the 3/4 length sleeves.  

First up we have this lovely above the knee, double breasted corduroy version by Mango.  Bonus points for this repli-Kate since the epaulets and the double row of buttons match our original
Retails for approximately $169.99 U.S.

Mango - corduroy military coat.

Next up is this thigh length version from Victoria's Secret (which FYI I did not even know they sold coats!)  A very good slim version like Kate's in wool and if you look at the white version on the website picture, it shows the the collar up-turned, similar to Kate's.
This coat retails for approximately $188 U.S.


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