Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blue Jenny Packham Post-Maternity

This week the Duchess gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  For the official hospital departure "photo call" Kate stepped out in a powder blue Jenny Packham dress with little white polka dots.  Apparently she was on a bit of a polka dot trend for her pregnancy.
She looks great but of course since the occasion certainly merited it, she did with a bit of help from a hair stylist!
The dress was a high-waisted cut with short sleeves.  Its very simple and there's not much to say about this look in retrospect since if we take away the circumstances its a rather boring and safe look.  If she's going to go with a custom designer piece, I'd at least like the dress to scream quality and I don't think this does.  I'm not saying she has to go couture glamazon but his dress just looks so plain and home-made.  I really think that with all the lovely looks that come out of Jenny Packham, the design house could have done a bit more.
However I like her in this shade of blue, I love the casual-ness of the outfit.  Above all I love the comfort of it, I really love that this look does away with the vanity (fantasy!) of having to be pin-thin immediately after giving birth.  Like all mortal women she has a bit of post-pregnancy related belly that the high waist helps accommodate. 

There were rumors among the media and bloggers that Kate paid a "Diana" tribute of sorts by emerging in a similar blue polka-dotted dress just as her predecessor had done.  In that sense I must admit I am a bit of a dissenter since if it is true, I really wish she had chosen to do her own thing.  She already has the ring, she can afford to be her own royal.
There were also rumors that it was a tribute to "blue for boy" since the Cambridge couple had opted to not know the sex of the baby beforehand and there was another of the same dress in pink on stand-by.  If that rumor is true then it was a cute play on a public "gender reveal".

For you non-post-maternity style mavens out there, here are a couple of similarly suited blue-with-white-polka-dot frocks.

First up is this one by Fred Flare.  Since we are talking non-maternity, this one is decidedly in that category with a belted natural waist and "skater" (mini) length.
The color is less the powder blue shade of Kate's but the overall neckline, sleeves, and skirt - with the exception of the non-maternity waist - is a pretty good dupe!
This dress is available for pre-order from Fred Flare for approximately $44 U.S.

Fred Flare - "Blue Me Away" polka dot dress.

As long as we are on the subject of non-maternity looks, I really love this next dress from Modcloth by Emily & Fin.
Okay so it is a bit further removed from Kate's very simple dress.  However it is so cute with the collar, key hole neckline, and banded waist that I couldn't resist adding it.  It is still Kate-inspired with its round neckline, sleeves, and gathered waist, it just much cuter!
This one is available from Modcloth and retails for approximately $99 U.S.  It is so cute I might just have to get it for me!

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