Sunday, May 5, 2013

Yellow Eyelet

Back in September of 2012 the Cambridges' Asia tour was in full swing.  During a stop on Guadalcanal Island Kate wore a fresh yellow eyelet dress.  She seemed to favor the fresh fabric on this trip as this was her third such dress on this tour alone.
The dress was made by an "independent maker" (I take that to mean Kate's personal dressmaker.)  It features a bateau neckline with wide sleeves and is fully lined throughout the bodice and skirt.  The skirt is pleated and is finished in some sort of narrow waistband which defines Kate's slim waist.
While I can appreciate the fresh look - bright yellow eyelet - but I am just not digging those big loopy sleeves.  They look bulky and just a bit stiff, not to mention big wide sleeves on cotton dresses are a bit dated.
I love that she put her hair up and away from her face and neck since it shows off her matching citrus colored earrings and that lovely bateau neckline.  And I really think Kate's narrow figure benefits so much from a fuller skirted silhouette I wish it was just a tad longer.  You have to be careful with those fuller skirts since depending on the shortness you veer into juniors "skater dress" territory.

Via StyleBistro.

Amazingly enough I managed to find a pretty decent look-a-like of this dress from The Limited for approximately $89 USD.
It is technically a shirtdress style although the buttons and placket only come down halfway on the bodice.  Just like Kate's this one is fully lined in the bodice and skirt with unlined sleeves and even a similar shade of primrose yellow!

The Limited - eyelet shirt dress.

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