Monday, September 17, 2012

Re: Alexander McQueen navy sailor style skirt

Remember the Duchess' navy style skirt from this post?

I found another pretty good repliKate in the form of this nautical skirt from Shabby Apple.  The gold buttons on the front placket make for a particularly good look-a-like version, as does the basic pencil silhouette.  Notably missing however are the slits.  I personally think that's a good thing since I don't really like the slits on the original.
Even styled as shown below, with a crisp white button down blouse, I think the over-all look is a very close approximation.  Its also a bit softer than the full on military blouse like Kate's.
This skirt retails for approximately $42 U.S.

Shabby Apple - "Co-ed" skirt.

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