Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kate-Inspired By... blue + blazer

Kate has long favored a blue and black combo, even since before becoming duchess: blue dress worn with a dark blazer.

This is a combination that is so easy to repli-Kate its almost laughable: blue dress + dark top and you're done.
In fact, retailers will even put it together for you.
Take this Antonio Melani look below, that pairs a blue sheath dress with a black cropped cardigan.  The sheath style dress with 3/4 sleeves really looks like something Kate herself would wear.
And presto, you've got a Kate-Inspired look and you didn't even have to put it together yourself.

Antonio Melani via Dillards.
Even this put together look from Sears manages to capture the spirit of a Kate inspired look by combining a blue tinged wrap style dress with a black blazer and a clutch.  And we all know Kate loves blue, loves wrap dresses, loves to pair outfits with blazers, and of course loves her clutches.

Sears - "saucy cocktail outfit".

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